Who is keira knightley dating 2016

, Knightley has experienced hair loss for the past five years due to overdyeing, and she’s taken to sporting wigs to cover up her thinning mane.

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If you choose the wig route, there are a bunch of things to consider, not the least of which is, should you go for natural or synthetic hair?

“It is actually an unfortunate side-effect of the leeching process, by which dye is removed from the proteins that compose each hair shaft.” Which explains why hair-loss experts who spoke with the , dye can can lift and break through protective hair cuticles.

And the more you dye, of course, the more havoc you wreak.

And we’ve seen Kate Moss, topless on the beach enough times. When was the last time you saw a pair of 32AAs on Page 3 (before The Sun decided to use Keira as today’s model –the wags)?

By posing topless, Keira is putting paid to all that.

Who is keira knightley dating 2016