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He earned this incredible figures of net worth from his acting career in the hit and successful movies and television series and as well as from some fashion show and also ads and endorsements.And media also reported that he also invested in some other business as well.This time, rumor has it that he is dating no other than the beautiful, hot from Big Bang Theory diva, Kaley Cuoco, who only recently filed for divorce to her 'not even two years great' husband.While much more people tend to suffer from their post-divorce statues, it appears she is doing well.Rhino poaching has increased massively in recent years. Deaths will soon be overtaking births leading to one thing: EXTINCTION.The ridiculous thing about it, is that Rhino horn is made of the same thing as your FINGERNAILS.In an entertainment industry if you are seen hanging with a person more than once and if you get spotted with the same person roaming around in downtown than the media leaves no room to spread rumor and give a tag of the couple.

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They say "Men are like wine, the older they get, the tastier they look." Actor Paul Blackthorne is no less than a bottle of wine, who at the age of 47 still look sexy with his prominent jawline.Paul also starred in Mindcrime and the festival-winning indie feature-length movie Four Corner of Suburbia, champion of both Crossroads Film Festival in Best Narrative Feature in 2006 and the category of Best Composer at the Avignon Film Festival in the years of 2006.However, it announced in June 2015 that he would be joining the cast of Dark Ascension starring as Willis.The 47-years-old age Hollywood star, Paul also has tall height like his career and his height is over 6 feet 4 inches.To see his social media account, it looks like that he is good-looking, fit and healthy and still seems young and handsome.