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Goddess, from a feminine perspective, represents a particular feminine archetype.Archetype, as a concept, is at the foundation of Carl Jung's psychological works.Subsequently, when the Christian male dominated, and found the goddess cult so revered by the so-called 'pagans', the Christian males, unable to eradicate the goddess reverence, instead, canonized her as St. They couldn't do away with Brigit because her followers so revered her. refers to Before Current Era (previously referred to as Before Christ.) and C. refers to Current Era, which begins our current 2000 years.

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On the contrary, Goddess mythology provides women, today, an ancient mirror of womanhood--Goddess being a divine, guiding and supernatural force.Understanding Goddess energy/types can help women discover their true natures--their innate gifts and abilities, recognize where they are best suited in life, appreciate their strengths as well as understand their areas of challenge.Furthermore, Goddess energy types are drawn to other particular Goddess types as friends and cohorts and find other types less appealing.Historically, masculine rulers/conquerors of lands and societies, usurped the goddess power in these societies they conquered and absorbed and distorted these goddesses into their own beliefs of whom they most resembled.For example, under Roman rulership, many of the Celtic goddesses were taken over--such as Brigit, who seemed similar to the Roman goddess, Minerva (Greek Athena).