Canadain ido is dwight dating tara

The judges offer their words of advice: Sass speaks to Carly Rae touching people, Jake tells Jaydee that (in two years) he’ll be a huge success, Zack commends Brian on his growth, and Farley tells Dwight to keep growing his artistic side.

And then we immediately, like two seconds after a commercial, go to another one.

And then, since I didn’t see the performance show, I was unfortunately unaware it had switched times, so I missed it. My Thoughts: She’s charming, she’s engaging, and she really is the most memorable contestant right now in a non-Sanjaya/Jaydee fashion.And thus, I present Cultural Learnings’ recap of Canadian Idol’s Top 6…in Haiku.] Welcome, everyone, to what becomes fateful moment for Canadian Idol.After a theme night that divided the contestants, and after three consecutive females being kicked off the show it’s time to see whether or not a male is finally sent packing. This week is a bit odd, to be honest, since we’re at the semi-finals and Sass Jordan is providing our tutelage. However, after a long day during Frosh Week, I’m in need of a break, and Canadian Idol should do just fine.