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Not all of us are down to wait until we make it to the wedding suite, drunk on champagne, and exhausted from hours upon hours of dancing to get it on.

On that note… Have a solid excuse You’ll want to prep a reason to bounce beforehand.

Skipping on underwear makes the whole “quickie without a cause” easier for both you and your partner.

So, if you simply cannot wait and want to get laid before the night is over, here are some tips for pulling off sex at your wedding reception. The former is great because you’re probably in a private room and everyone is giving you some space.

At another party, no one would notice you’d disappeared for a while.

It’s the cue to everyone that it is time to start dancing.

At your wedding, it’s a different story aunties meet for sex site.

She is just sex deprived because her husband wont find her body worthy for sex (or not interested in her); so she starts looking for prospective young guys to mate with.*deep breath*Good day.

The second option works because no one cares about the bride and groom (or bride and bride) for a solid 30 minutes after the parental dances.