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“In some instances, these acts were committed on children younger than themselves, or involved pet dogs.

“Mr Allen-Howe is responsible for luring these young victims into a sexualised world where perverted behaviour was encouraged and recorded for his gratification.

Allen-Howe admitted 31 sexual offences and was sentenced to eight years in prison at Chelmsford Crown Court on Tuesday, the CPS said.

There were 22 victims in countries around the world, including the UK, US, Australia, Belgium, Germany, Iceland, Ireland and Wales.

Y., who was charged with numerous pornography crimes after his home was raided Monday.Among those who sexually exploited her, the FBI says, was a married father of two children from New York who had numerous explicit conversations with the girl when she was 14.According to a criminal complaint filed in Detroit federal court Monday, the now 16-year-old Oakland County girl interviewed with the FBI in June and explained how the online scam worked.The "loopers" would pretend to be the teenagers in the chat room, using videos of other teens and playing them for the targets, acting like it was them in real time.One of the cooperating suspects identified the leader of the group as New York Target #2. He was the primary "hunter" or "linker" for the group who recruited the teen girls using social media websites as "hunting ground," pretending to be a teenage boy and sending them links to chatrooms.