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Infants and children with trisomy X experience delays in attaining developmental milestones, especially in the acquisition of motor and speech skills.

For example, walking may be delayed and affected girls may exhibit poor coordination and clumsiness.

These deficits are very responsive to therapeutic intervention.

Intervention should be initiated earlier so that the girls do not experience repeated exposure to failure.

Speech and language development is also commonly delayed and may become apparent by approximately one year to 18 months.

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This is not an indication of a security issue such as a virus or attack.

In general, these girls are very attractive and not discernible for neurotypical children in appearance.

During early childhood or adolescence, girls with trisomy X usually exhibit increased height as compared with other girls their age (tall stature).

There are specific physical features (phenotype) associated with this chromosomal disorder.

Common symptoms that can potentially occur include language-based learning disabilities, developmental dyspraxia, tall stature, low muscle tone (hypotonia), and abnormal bending or curving of the pinkies toward the ring fingers (clinodactyly).