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On the night of August 29, Brookshaw, then a lieutenant serving with "A" Squadron, was in command of the leading troop in the advance on Amiens, the objective being to seize the bridges over the Somme.It was pitch black, and rain was streaming from the hulls of the Sherman tanks as they set off through 20 miles of enemy-held territory. A column of enemy horse-drawn artillery, too close to engage with the guns, was swept aside.The tanks in his troop, Crusaders, lightly-armoured and designed for speed, were all destroyed.He and nine others in his troop were wounded; three were killed.Brookshaw commanded a troop of Grant tanks in the battle of El Alamein.During this action, his tank lost a track after hitting a mine and he was taken prisoner by the Italians.Brookshaw landed in Normandy with 3 RTR on D-Day 6.He was liaison officer for the 29th Armoured Brigade and took part in the assault on Hill 112 and then in Operation Goodwood, in which 3 RTR lost 49 of its 60 tanks.

He made 25 appearances but saw his season disrupted by a thigh injury.Having reached one of the bridges, Brookshaw found that it was partly blown but he prevented any further demolition.He dismounted from his tank while under heavy fire and cleared out with hand grenades two houses which had been turned into strong points.The citation for his immediate MC paid tribute to his dash and initiative and stated that he had been an inspiration to the whole column.Herbert Philip Brookshaw was born at Swanage, Dorset, on March 21 1921.