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We repeated the measure again this month, after the shutdown of Liberty Reserve, and we observed an increase of 20 percent caused by the accumulating number of Tor websites that accepted bitcoins as method of payment.The crawling of Tor URLs is a precious source for a series of evaluations.As we said the Tor URLs analyzed are using Latin Script, the most popular language is English, that scores virtually the totality of web sites, a very small portion of sites are written in Spanish and German.

Despite the quote related to cybercrime with URLs is remarkable, the conclusion is that the Tor network contains also mostly legal content, in particular the volume of documents related to political issues is in continuous increase.All the words examined showed a constant value at the time, except for the word “Bitcoin”.Already in the first quarter of 2013 the number of websites containing the words “Bitcoin” had increased in a meaningful way, probably due to the developing popularity for virtual currency.In the Deep Web it is relatively easy to find sites that sell every kind of product.The principal items sold in the underground are drugs and weapons, a multitude of websites proposes any kind of drugs accepting various currencies for payments, from bitcoins to Pay Pal, considering the Liberty Reserve is unusable due the FBI shut down.