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You might remember him from "Shalom in the Home" where he visited families with broken relationships, attempting to help them find some peace in life and with each other. There are many Jewish singles events out of the Synagogues as well that should help.

Hopefully he can do the same for Wash Post readers. _______________________ Marriage failing after only seven months: I have been married only seven months and the marriage appears to be failing despite having talked about major issues ahead of time. The problems started on the honeymoon with him saying cruel words to me.

I've gone on three dates with a guy, and he's ready for moving in, marriage, and children. I'd like to continue dating him, to see whether I'd like to take the next step, but I'm afraid that if I find that I am not that interested, that I'll have led him on for too long. By then you can easily ascertain whether the fundamentals of the relationship are present.

Is there a way to have him tone it down without hurting feelings, or for me to figure it out faster? Dating for a few years is usually a sign of commitment issues.

Her answer: "I really, really, really, really like you, but can't imagine what a long-term relationship would look like." Her husband died some years ago. How long should I wait for her to come through the door toward me? (Mine are married.) Joining community activities puts me in clubs and groups packed with other middle-aged women. Shmuley Boteaach: Try places where good men congregate. You want to find men who have substance and who aren't looking to date their daughter's friends. He has been courting me, and I don't want to take away from that. Even though his mom is staying in his house, and not the other way around, women seem to find this a red flag. He will find a woman who appreciates what a good man he is. _______________________ Ellen Mc Carthy: Obviously this can be a tough day for singles. Yes, there is a recreational/sexual aspect to relationships, but after a few years that aspect falls WAY down the list of priorities . They are entitled to perpetual love, respect and support. It should be harder to get into a marriage and harder to get out because in our modern society there is little difference between dating and marriage.

_______________________ Richmond, Va.: What's the best way to deal with a potential partner who is on a different speed than you? What are the one or two best pieces of advice you have for people searching for love?

Throughout this course you will receive all the insights and direction that you need to critically review and improve all of your personal and professional relationships.

_______________________ NYC: I've been involved in a 15 month relationship with a lovely woman. I come from a background where you never say hurtful things to someone unless you mean it. I am not humorless; I like to joke around and that is fine with me. This is someone intentionally saying cruel things in a serious tone with the purpose of evoking a response. Shmuley Boteaach: The essence of religion is a relationship between G-d and man. Don't be insecure so as to feel that you can't assert your opinion/individuality into the relationship. _______________________ Reston, Va.: Hello to you both! Shmuley Boteaach: Skip the box of chocolates and do an activity together instead. Shmuley Boteaach: You have to give him a timeframe within which a proposal will work for you and tell him that after that a proposal will be meaningless, no matter how romantic. _______________________ Ellen Mc Carthy: I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on gender dynamics today. _______________________ Marriage for the long haul: More of a comment on my experience from 15 years of marriage. is not responsible for any content posted by third parties.

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The key ingredient to happy and fulfilled people is the quality of their intimate, social, family and professional relationships - nothing else in life comes even remotely close.

These bonds often grow from and are strengthened by shared experiences.

Relationships aren't static; they continually evolve and change, therefore to fully enjoy and benefit from our relationships we need skills, universal principles we can trust, solid information, inspiration, a little bit of practice, and sometimes a bit of a shove in the right direction.