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Some tarantulas in these areas may be unusually small (e.g., in excess of one inch and can be mistaken for a different type of spider), so if you are not sure whether you have captured a tarantula or a smaller spider in a different family, please contact Brent in any case.

If you have access to a digital camera, please feel free to email a pic to Brent and he can make an attempt to identify the spider through those means as well.

If you choose the latter, which we hope you will, you can mail the specimens alive to Brent E.

During the summer months, Brent is often out of town and should only be contacted via email.

Tarantula species in the USA have not been well-studied, and contributions of specimens are of great importance to this work.

Please DO NOT contact Brent if you want information on how to eradicate tarantulas from your home; he is only interested in receiving specimens for research, and is not involved with pest management and extermination.

Immature and female tarantulas tend to stay in their burrows unless flooded, starved, or driven out by an invader (e.g., Pepsis wasps, rodents, etc.); however, this may be too simple an explanation since Texas tan tarantulas (When a male tarantula molts for the final time, he matures, and will usually be darker in color (often black), depending on species.

Males also are usually longer and slimmer than females and have much smaller abdomens on average.