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Explicitly, both parents may be signing Deaf, or one parent may be hearing and one signing Deaf or oral deaf.Both deaf parents may not know the sign language; they may be oral and they may not consider themselves as part of Deaf culture (Children of Deaf Adults [CODA] International, 2005).

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Preston (1994) emphasizes that “as adults, hearing children of deaf parents have largely been passed over by researchers”(p. Although a considerable number of studies mainly focus on Deaf parents’ interactions and communication with their hearing children, having involved school-age hearing children of Deaf parents (Buchino, 1993; Gosselin, 1994; Mattock & Crist, 1989; Rienzi, 1990), few studies have focused on the experiences of adult hearing with Deaf parents.Additionally, the majority of Deaf/deaf adults (90%–95%) have hearing parents showing the one-generational nature of the Deaf community (Allsop & Kyle, 1997).It is worth noting that there are different types of deaf-parented families with hearing children.In these books (with the exception of Greenberg, whose parents were not Deaf), however, personal stories of being the hearing child of Deaf parents are presented.As pointed out by Buchino (1993) in those books “each author was careful to discuss the impact of interpreting the intense feelings related to deafness and the parents, the times when the children felt as if they were the parents (…) and the positive and negative aspects of having a communication mode that is different from that of their peers” (p. A number of researchers have identified the limited research findings on this topic.