Dating a man who pays child support

Is this wrong, or should the child get the child support from the non-custodial parent?

Brette's Answer: Child support is paid to the custodial parent and does not directly go to the child.

We already send additional allowance money to her, and we already pay for her health insurance and out of pocket medical expenses, extra-curricular and summer camps separately.

It is meant to increase the household income and does not have to be used directly for items for the child.

How can we be sure the child's needs are met without going broke?

Brette's Answer: I assume your husband is the non-custodial parent in this situation.

If you have children, it's likely that you have child support questions concerning your situation, such as how child support is calculated, how long it lasts, and if visitation rights and child support are connected.

Since support issues often come up during and after a divorce, the following questions may help you find answers about your current situation.