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Each chief of the village will in turn lead the people to fulfill their role to the Vanua.

Each village will have several family units / Tokatoka The living soul or human manifestation of the physical environment which the members have since claimed to belong to them and to which they also belong. Land becomes lifeless and useless without the people, and likewise the people are helpless and insecure without land to thrive upon.

The land is the physical or geographical entity of the people, upon which their survival..a group depends. the most prominent chief from the most prominent family.

To explain further, a Vanua is the largest collective group of people associated with a particular territory or area of land.

A Vanua is divisible into a group of Yavusa / tribes: a Yavusa is a group of Mataqali / family units.

Within the Mataqali making up one Yavusa one Mataqali will be predominant and head that Yavusa as a whole.

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Serua, Namosi areas, The meaning of Tako-Lavo is the Father Son relationship.

0 Tauvu are allowed reciprocal rights of taking each other’s goods and coarse joking with each other, though this is not used inland in Viti-Levu.

The following are some Tauvu groupings: "Tako-Lavo".

The Fijian concept of "family" does not align with the Western notion of a normative family.

Extended family members will adopt roles and titles of a direct guardian.