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(Of course, you have to replace the squid binary with the Copfilter once, if you are using c-icap!

) An Copfilter update is following 2014 05 04 Released Copfilter 2.1.92beta3 This is a security release and adaptations, to work with IPCop 2.1.4 Please uninstall Copfilter, before you update to IPCop 2.1.4.

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Security of the modular components is a top priority.

If you plan to update from previous copfilter release and update your IPCop to 2.0.3, you should at first create a backup of your Copfilter settings.

After them uninstall Copfilter, ugprade IPCop to 2.0.3 and then install Copfilter 2.0.91beta2.

Reboot your IPCop, afterwards restore your Copfilter settings, check or change your settings and restart all services on Copfilter status page.

For C-ICAP users, you should know that you have to install the C-ICAP integrated squid binary again, because of a squid update.