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The problem games are the ones where multiple players, usually quarterbacks, threw interceptions.For example, the record for defensive interception returns for touchdowns in a game is four, set by the Seattle Seahawks in 1984 against Kansas City.Note: the above list includes quarterbacks whose careers began before 1960, but the pick six data is for post-1960 (while all other data is career data).I can confirm that six quarterbacks have thrown three picks six in the same game, and the number may even be slightly higher.

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If you’re curious, Aaron Rodgers has thrown just one pick six in his entire career.

That gives him a rate 0.032 pick sixes per pass attempt, the lowest among all passes with 1500 attempts since 1960.

Most of the time, only one quarterback will throw an interception in any given team game.

Fifty years from now, if you look at this box score from week six, you will be able to know for sure that Peyton Manning threw the interception that Paul Posluszny returned for a touchdown.