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The actual "stopper" or lid portion of this closure was usually made from either metal or porcelain/ceramic with a round rubber gasket attached to the shank of the stopper to seal the bottle (gasket shows in picture below).

The history of competing designs, contentiousness, and lawsuits between these and other individuals using this basic form of closure is fascinating.DURING PROHIBITION IT WAS CONVERTED INTO KNICKERBOCKER APARTMENTS, WHICH OCCUPY THE BLOCK The closure itself is a plug or disk made of rubber or other flexible material with the bottom surface convex shaped.The disk fit tightly into a groove ("reverse taper") circling the inside of the bottle's bore.He is a member of the Boston Chamber of Commerce, the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Comrany and the Bostonian Society.He has traveled extensively, and in 1907 made a trip around the World.