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Rubin settled the issue for ,000 without admitting or denying responsibility.arrested on the casino property on charges including possession of marijuana, Xanax and a substance local police believed was GHB.

The charges against Rubin are expected to be dropped after he completes a pretrial diversion program he agreed to on Aug. Kneuer is also expected to have the charges dropped after both he and Rubin left Dothan and resigned their positions with the casino." data-reactid="36"Rubin's personal life also raised questions.

– Premium parking was easy to find on a hot, muggy day in late May at Center Stage bingo casino.

In a sea of almost a thousand parking spaces, just 52 cars sat in the lot. Electronic bingo games were played on silent computer monitors, giving the casino all the excitement of a doctor's waiting room.

On closer inspection, the "wall" was actually a bunch of spray-painted plywood sheets patched together.

Customers wore T-shirts and paint-splattered jeans, and the Southern drawl of the man talking over the PA system made the room like a scene from a Jeff Foxworthy routine.

" data-reactid="17"At the center of the question is Jeff Rubin, who at one time operated one of the largest financial adviser firms in the NFL.Seven years later, he's living in the house with a bodyguard and security cameras.Hero to zero" data-reactid="28"Hero to zero Rubin attended the University of Florida with future NFL players like Fred Taylor, Reidel Anthony and Ike Hilliard.That was his initial entry into the sports business after he made friends with Gators players like Errict Rhett and Mo Collins.Rubin, who graduated from Florida in 1997 with a degree in exercise and sports sciences, cemented his relationship with the players when he helped expose a million scheme Black was helping run, one of the biggest scams in NFL agent history at the time.