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To the person who made this site, you are the greatest guy or gal there ever was!If you get a clickable link off this page, ignore it.The prisoner would get one hour to free himself and the winner would be the one who escaped first.After thinking for a moment I decided to tie Joe up in a small dark place.Or someone might be waiting just for you to come along and make their dreams come true. I can't send pics becuase of my job, But if we make a connection I can send some later FUN for now 6 foot 185 white maie 32 years old in my prime' 19, Hot local women in Epworth Georgia redhot061 my name is steve and i live in missouri, istand 6f. i have redhair freckles im averge build and averge looking.

He quickly untied the ropes connecting him to the wall and after some more minutes he was completely free.

I have loved tie up games since I was a little kid, but from time to time I have questioned my sanity very much.

My cousin had come over from Rochester, New York, along with my aunt and uncle, and we were going to go to Lake George, NY the next day.

Then I blind folded him with a bandana and led him to one of the small storage rooms at the back of the boat house.

It was about one and a half metre wide and two metres deep.