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In Norway, teenagers celebrate the end of their high school careers with 'Russefeiring' or Russ, a three-week party of drinking and shameless challenges in April before their final exams.

Challenges have included having sex in public, skinny dipping in freezing water and kissing police officers.

'What we do is basically to get dressed in red overalls, buy busses (or vans or cars), pimp them up and party in them for about three weeks,' she said.'We also do lots of stupid things in public, to earn something called 'russeknuter'.

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One woman who completed her study in 2016 referred to the three-week party stint as a 'crazy graduation tradition' while explaining the reason for the challenges.

The cards look like business cards, have a photo of the student and a chosen quote – which are often 'offensive, lewd or funny'.

These cards are also handed out to children in the street.

Putting 'for sale' signs on police cars, doing naked runs through town and asking random people to 'borrow a condom', are also common challenges.

The young men and women put on overalls coloured red, blue, black or green depending on their main area of study.