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Android security continues to progress once the device is in the user's hands: Android works with partners and the public to provide patches for any Android device that is continuing to receive security updates.

More information for end users can be found in the Nexus help center, Pixel help center, or your device manufacturer’s help center.

For more information on some of these services, see Android Security’s 2016 Year in Review.

As a result, through its entire development lifecycle, Android has been subject to a rigorous security program. Android applications use advanced hardware and software, as well as local and served data, exposed through the platform to bring innovation and value to consumers.

To realize that value, the platform offers an application environment that protects the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of users, data, applications, the device, and the network.

Developers less familiar with security will be protected by safe defaults.

In addition to providing a stable platform to build upon, Android gives additional support to developers in a number of ways.