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Also features his favored compound-radius bolt-on maple neck with oil finish.This is the perfect neck for tapping, double stops, bends, and all the other pyrotechnics.It also features tap tempo via onboard footswitch or external switch. Excellent guitar for the Keith Richards fan, outfitted with a 1972 Gibson embossed humbucker.Pickup is most likely a T-top as evidenced by the embossed chrome cover, Patent sticker on the bottom and the braided wire.Sells new for 9; get this one in perfect condition in the box with power supply and manual for 9. If youre into Lo-Fi delay, this is probably the best one out there (click here for a lo-fi demo).This latest model eclipses the tone of features of the original Echo Dream. Although it may not be cool to say it (just like saying solid state is a better amp for some styles of music), digital delay with pristine repeats, can be much better than analog.Boss VE-8 Acoustic Singer Guitar/Vocal Processor, (pic2), (back), (stock pic).Killer multi-effect for singer/songwriter types or anyone who wants a single device to amplify their acoustic guitar, add vocal harmonies, and sweeten the mix in numerous ways.

More good news for the player is it has a brand new pro refret: Refretted with 0152 frets, which are .048X.092.Just click on any underlined text and it should open a picture; if you move your cursor over the pic and there's a magnifying glass displayed instead of your cursor, click the pic and it will expand it to larger size. I think at some time in the future these will be one of the ultimate collectables in light of the rarity and the fact that the POS was the most influential guitar effect of this generation.Underneath the chrome case it is your basic original POD, the kidney bean-shaped "desktop" modeling device for guitarists, offering a set of 16 amplifier models, 16 effects, and a selection of speaker cabs.These frets are a great compromise between the original vintage frets and modern jumbos like 6105s.The 0152s are slightly lower but slightly wider than jumbo 6105.