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His first ever book called 'Midget' is a psychological thriller based in Leigh-on-Sea.John Rumbelow Brightwell - A key figure in Southend's development holding the position of Mayor twice.John Fowles - Born 1926 - In Leigh-on-Sea, a novelist probably best known for writing 'A French Lieutenant's Woman'. Joseph Francis JP - Born 1849 -A Mayor of the town with some repute having held the position throughout the Great War.However, at a small price as he became lampooned by the local press for being too old.Dora Greenwood (GBR) on 8th June 1933 broke the Women's High Jump World Record hitting a height of 1.65m. Most noted as a casting director, but also mother of Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter). 9, 1703, Leigh; was a British lawyer who produced the first achromatic lenses in 1729.

Roger Buxton - Starting his Radio career at a tender age recording football commentaries on the terraces of Roots Hall then passing the tapes to Southend Hospital Radio.Living in the Hamlet in Hamlet Court Road and in Byculla House on Clifftown Parade.Lewis De Burgh - The first manager in residence of the Hippodrome that opened in Southchurch Road on Monday 15th November 1909.At the 1935 general election, he was returned as Member of Parliament for Southend, the seat previously held by his mother-in-law Gwendolen Guinness, Countess of Iveagh (above). He took over the reigns from a very popular Sir Teddy Taylor in 2005 with a majority of 5,490.He more recently was re-elected to the seat on 6th May 2010 with an increased majority of 11,050.

Kara tointon dating