Speed dating age 18

I signed up for one at Loveland the weekend before Valentine’s Day.

The basic gist: I show up and pin a ribbon indicating my age group (18 to 35) to my jacket, and an event organizer matches me with someone in my age bracket.

Yet each of the Singles Events from Right are different, meaning sometimes you find people you click with, sometimes you don’t, sometimes you make new friends and sometimes you find your perfect match.

Event Date: Wednesday 23rd September, 2015 Venue: Doolan Brothers, Newmarket, Auckland Age Range: Men & Women Age 18 - 25 Event Price: Including a complimentary drink and finger food! Tired of bars and nightclubs and given up on internet dating?

Then my date and I head off to ride the lifts together and ski any runs we choose.

If we like each other, we can ski together as long as we want.

A match occurs when two people have both picked each other as a mutual match - either a date match or friend connection.

He didn’t seem offended and suggested we meet up for a drink later.

This would prove to be the most awkward part of the day: letting my dates know I wanted a new match.

The evening kicks off with your host giving a brief explanation of how the evening works.

Then you are straight into the exciting world of Speed Dating with your first date of the evening.