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The babies' mother Taslima Khatun was admitted to a clinic in Pabna town last year where she had a cesarean.

The parents want the twins separated in a bid for them to lead normal lives.

“He was like, ‘Lady, you’re doing something that no one has ever done before,’” Paulson says.

“Which was nice, but I was just so scared.” She pauses, then adds, “I am so scared.” A little fear is a good thing.

The sisters have been admitted to the burn unit at Dhaka Medical College Hospital.

Every day before shooting, Paulson views a few minutes of the film to be reminded of details like the slight, asymmetric tilt of the Hensels’ heads, which Paulson incorporates into her rendering of the sisters.She’s frank when discussing her life outside acting, whether it be her bouts of insomnia or the mild debauchery of the previous evening, which was spent in the French Quarter and ended with her dancing at one of the city’s most notorious dive bars.“You know you’ve had a good night,” she notes wryly, “when you wake up with the word MINE mysteriously stamped on your hand.” Her dating situation is also fair game.In three seasons on FX’s American Horror Story, Sarah Paulson has had to telepathically commune with the dead, breast-feed an adult sociopathic killer, and have sex while surrounded by dozens of snakes, to pick just a few discomfiting scenes from a series that has become a hit thanks its gothic blend of the camp and the demonic.Yet it was filming a seemingly mundane sequence for the first episode of American Horror Story: Freak Show, as the new season is titled, that caused Paulson to melt down, worried she might not be up to the task of playing Bette and Dot, conjoined twins who are recruited to help revive an embattled freak show in 1950s Florida. While eating a roll of bread (as Bette), Paulson had to simultaneously write in her diary (as Dot), a disorienting feat of mind-body multitasking.