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By this time, she already had discovered and developed her interest in singing and thought of pursing her career in it. She has a wonderful appearance and a friendly nature.

She has an average height which suits her very well.

It was heinously cheesy, and its winner, Jessica Betts, couldn’t find mainstream success outside of the show.

Madonna popped up in one episode, which was about as weird as you’d imagine.

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I had everybody and their mother telling me [the Super Bowl] was the perfect time to drop something.I'm better, I'm better, I'm better [Verse 3: Missy] Brand new flow when I rap DJ, bring that back You ain't ever heard a track like that Shit might slap, booty go clap Roll up in the Benz Looking like a ten, stack When I rock, make it bop, in my car And it bang-bang-bang like (tune-out noise) go blap-blap-blap [Bridge 3: Missy] Yeah he got bands in the Bando Missy got dudes in Orlando Buying me bags and new shoes and new cars and everything I know that he paying for Yeah he be hooking me up Yeah he be looking me up Watch what I do, when I get up on you Pop potential and zoom in the poom [Hook: Lamb] I'mma start it from the bottom Show you how to flip a dollar I got food in my dining room I'm better, I'm better, I'm better It's another day, another chance I wake up, I wanna dance So as long as I got my friends...I'm better, I'm better, I'm better In what seems to be becoming the norm, rather than the exception, Missy Elliot surprise-drops a modern masterpiece with a feature from Cainion Lamb, in his rap debut.Luckily for fans, she’s sticking her solid R&B roots as she re-emerges into the spotlight since 2005′s LP It’s Me Again.The “Oops (Oh My) vocalist is currently prepping her third studio project Simply Tweet and dropping off a five-track mixtape for good measure.