Couchsurfing not dating

She told me she’d handed hosting duties over to Raul, her roommate.Despite my disappointment, I still felt thankful that she had gone out of her way to help me out.

He told me to close me eyes, and he continued to touch me. He told me we should go to my room because his room was opposite his parents. He examined every inch of my body, studying me like some kind of specimen. I wasn’t exactly taking notes or plotting escape routes. It took me three or four days to feel comfortable with José. At one point he demanded of me in a very sudden and awkward way: “Let me love you! I was a traveler, not looking for a boyfriend or for love, maybe just a fling. I tried to be polite, made conversation, but could barely keep my eyes open. I said to him that sleeping together would be a bad idea because we really weren’t at all on the same page. On the fourth night, he seduced me and I considered changing my mind.