Chatroom robot sex

"That means it can avoid repetition and use information gleaned from you to enhance future conversations." He added: "The linguistic philosophy we’re following is one that enables our software to get an understanding of what the user means." Levy predicted in 2008 that sex robots would arrive just a few years later.

He now admits his timing was off but still thinks it will happen, pointing to a Californian sex doll company, Real Doll, that has just announced the first dolls which will talk back.

Take Siri, Apple’s smart personal assistant on i Phone.

Not only have users expressed a strong preference for whether its voice is male or female, but some felt the need to produce lengthy Reddit elegies for older versions that disappear after i OS updates.

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We anticipate huge demand for the tech in other domains.

Does Levy pay attention to dire warnings in films such as 'Ex Machina'? I did go and see 'Her', which I thought was excellent.

"There is a gap between what I believe is going to be the case and a possible future, and what others believe, but that gap is narrowing.

A chatbot isn’t a real-life robot, but a programme that uses natural language processing to talk convincingly to humans, via a chat room or an app.

Levy’s earlier, non-sexual chatbots have twice won the Loebner Prize, an annual competition for AI programmes.