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The story is that I was in my mom’s stomach during Star Wars.

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When I went to the Art Institute, I feel like I was almost literally told, "Don’t try to be a painter, don’t do anything other than operate in new media," which means: be a web designer, be a coder, be a graphic designer, that’s it. Now, ultimately, that’s very encouraging advice, because at that age, when somebody says, "Don’t do this," you’re gonna do it. I try to forget that the prequels exist, I really do. I’m sure I’m not the paragon, but I hope that I’m amongst them, at least on the lower levels. I hope I am at least up there in the echelons of nerds that you’ve interviewed. The 28-year-old singer-songwriter broke out in 2002 with a lo-fi album made up of largely folky ditties he left on people’s answering machines, quickly amassing a passionate following. On his sixth album What Will We Be (Warner Bros.), he once again blends Latin Grooves with mellow California vibes — just don’t call it freak folk. “it’s humiliating.” SPIN reached the talkative Banhart as he took a break from designing ironic T-shirts. You know what I was thinking about, honestly, right before you called?