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Boosted by some keen American interest, the prices are now rising and the best can make four figures.

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Many of these are undecorated and are collected for their pleasing sculptural form with large bowls and baluster-shaped, knopped stems.

Up to the mid 1670s, English glasses, like their Continental counterparts, were made of soda glass producing thinly constructed, lightweight vessels of fluid design.

The discovery and patenting by George Ravenscroft in his London Savoy workshop of glass made with lead oxide produced a much heavier, clearer product that responded well to cutting and engraving and, from a luxury product for the very rich, it lead glass gradually to become more affordable and more widely produced.

This is an another area where competition from collectors like Crabtree and Hubbard pushed up values from the 1990s, but by the time Chris Crabtree came to sell his colour twists prices had cooled somewhat.

Glasses with Jacobite engraving or decoration have long had specialist appeal, whether they take the form of simple wine glasses engraved with emblems of rose and bud or have increasingly expensive additional features like the words as an inscription, or a portrait of the Young Pretender or the full Jacobite Anthem engraved on the bowl of a goblet.